Mohammad Shihadah

Founder & CEO

Mohammad has over 35 years of experience in private and public company management for technology companies. He is the former Co-CEO of Applications Technology, Inc. (AppTek), which he co-founded in 1990 for the development of Machine Translation and Automatic Speech Recognition. He is also the founder and current board member at Ignite Media Solutions, board member at Net2Voice, and an observer on BOD at Pixelligent.

Bob Milani


Mr. Milani is the CTO at IDenTV. Mr. Milani has more than 25 years of experience in software development and design. He has been a software engineer at multiple technology companies, including the Senior Architect at Hewlett-Packard. Mr. Milani’s technical experience includes enterprise web development, entertainment/TV, mobile application development, distributed computing, VOIP, and security applications.

Dr. Mark Hughes

Director of Computer Vision

Mark has over 12 years of experience in image and video search technologies. A former University Lecturer in machine learning and computer vision, he was an expert reviewer for the US National Institute of Standards in Technology (NIST) in the areas of image and video search. Formerly, Dr. Hughes was a Research Scientist at IBM Watson Research, leading the deep learning research team on IBM’s Cognitive Care platform. Dr. Hughes was also the Director of Machine Learning at United Healthcare. He holds a PhD in Computer Vision & Machine Learning and has published dozens of papers, publications and journal articles in computer vision, machine learning and more recently deep learning.

Amro Shihadah

Co-Founder & COO

Strong background in Finance and Accounting (Mergers & Acquisitions, SEC Reporting), Amro has also been surrounded by start-up companies and technologies while still finishing his studies at American University. From the exposure to various companies he then shifted his focus into establishing IDenTV with lean operations and brought a focus of bringing emerging technologies from concept to to market.

Dr. Jogile Kuklyte

Computer Vision and Machine Learning Scientist

Dr Kuklyte has over 5 years of experience in multi-sensor data and machine learning technologies. She also has teaching experience in software development and engineering. Dr. Kuklyte’s doctoral dissertation was in the area of multi-modal sensor technologies. She has also worked on research projects in security, health and other areas related to visual, acoustic as well as wearable sensors. Her current research focus is on visual data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Amin Ahmadi

Machine Learning Scientist

Amin received his PhD degree from Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia in 2010. His research was highlighted as a feature in the New Scientist and appeared on the BBC and ABC television and radio channels. He also won the Australian prestigious Minister Excellence Award for Innovation and Creativity. He carried out his postdoctoral program before promoting to a research fellow at Insight Center for Data Analytics in Dublin, Ireland. He then worked as a senior data scientist and ML engineer and data scientist at United Health Group prior to joining IDenTV. Amin’s main research interests include deep learning, ML-AI, computer vision and sensor fusion.

Nikki Maquindang

Federal Project Manager

Nikki has over 8 years experience in project management and as a project engineer supporting technical projects both within the U.S. government and the private sector. Mrs. Maquindang also served in the United States Air Force and as a government contractor for a combination of 15 years specializing in tactical C4ISR data transmission and analysis.

Dr. Rami Albatal

Computer Vision, Senior Data Scientist

Rami has over 10 years of experience in Machine Learning, Multimedia Indexing, Predictive Analytics, NLP and Information Retrieval, with advanced experience in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence frameworks.

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