Smart City Applications

Utilizing existing security cameras, most often live streaming CCTV feeds and/or forensic analysis of video archives (recordings), IDenTV generates a customizable in-store retail experience.

Live Events

IDenTV’s easy to use tools generate real-time analytics on big video content from broadcast, to OTT, VOD and more. IDenTV’s advanced AI platform allows our partners to extract actionable analytics on brand sponsorships from live sporting events in real time, a far cry from the error- prone, inactionable, and slow-moving report system currently in place. IDenTV’s advanced computer vision enables optimization of sponsorship placements to ensure your brand receives more on-screen time. Moreover, by providing actionable insights into big video data, IDenTV allows our partners to utilize these metrics to formulate a more accurate ROI! Finally, leverage IDenTV’s suite of vision, audio and NLP engines for a proactive solution that address public safety, traffic and congestion, and much more.