IDenTV Platform

IDenTV a pioneer in applied Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) for truly real-time video detection, video metadata extraction, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered search capabilities more for multimedia big data interactivity and monetization. With a specialty in advanced real-time video analytics. Our turn-key platform is supported by WebHooks and APIs for easy integration and also offers an easy to use Web Interface for your average business user to leverage the full suite of IDenTV AI technologies.

Platform Overview.

The Video Juicer provides cutting edge AI capabilities that create unparalleled video analytics using advanced computer vision content search and recognition techniques. The AI-powered Juicer platform enables real-time video search and generates analytics, actionable insights, and content management tools that allow you to understand and monetize multimedia content. Along with the aforementioned audio analytics and textual transcriptions & translations, the Video Juicer enables clients to further understand content for instantaneous informed decision making to optimize user-content engagement, increasing content or advertising ROI.

The WHAi system is a unified platform for real-time text analysis across archived text, news, and social media. The functionality includes: entity extraction, entity linking, sentiment classification, content reliability classification, entity relations, keyword extraction, threat classification, knowledge graph creation, and API/WebHook support to easily upload news media files for analysis.

IDenTV provides media organizations, TV broadcasters, and analytic/measurements or attribution companies with real-time content and advertisement detections with video metadata extraction. IDenTV monitors 150+ live US & International television channels 24/7, executing 50 trillion image examinations per hour. IDenTV’s technology solutions are highly efficient and scalable with the ability to run 40 million image comparisons on a single commodity CPU core. Now, the media sector can understand and bridge TV and Digital advertising in real-time and fully understand the effectiveness of their advertising based on which viewer demographics were targeted/exposed. IDenTV’s Intelligent Video Platform can ingest and process hundreds/thousands of streams concurrently in real time. The resources – servers and services – live in a redundant, highly secure, fault-tolerant environment, which can be deployed on-site or on public/private cloud, making it easily accessible and scalable to all environments.

Platform – How It All Fits Together

IDenTV can process all your multimedia content utilizing our robust AI toolkit. We bring data-driven practices to our clients via a user interface built for the everyday professional. Further, we have ensured to build robust API capabilities so none of the complexities of leveraging pre-built, augmented or even custom AI models are lost. All of our platforms work together to enable previously unattainable understanding and insights for the media, entertainment and security sectors.

IDenTV Classifiers by Role

Our 30+ unique video and audio classifiers add additional layers of data to all of your video/audio content. Additionally, IDenTV can build custom-trained models to support individual video needs.

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